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THe Shed is now open!

It’s been a few weeks…We’ve all been busy pulling everything for THe Shed together and we’ve done it!

I’ve included some pictures of the installation so you get a little idea of how it all developed over the past two weeks.

Now that it’s open we can really get started and bring the project to life and see how everyone reacts and interacts with the space.  For over a year it’s been a project on paper and spreadsheets, so to now to have new structures built and some more of our wonderful objects out on display is super exciting and also a little bit of a relief.  
So, if you come along to Tullie House for THe Shed what can you see?   What’s in store?  is one quarter of the space that has objects from our collections that are not often seen, displayed in our Cabinet of Curiosties and in the ‘Store room’.
The second quarter is taken up with Work in Progress.  Here you can vote on which Roman object will be featured in next Summer’s big exhibition at Tullie and win a prize to boot!
The final half is for New projects, which for half-term has games and the Video Shed to record and star in your own masterpeice that we might be able to feature on our screen in the gallery.
There’s bound to be something here that interests you so please come along.  All welcome!
To sign off I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who helped put it all together and give you an introduction to the Shed team (some of whom will be featuring more in the coming months):
In alphabetical order:
Andy W; Anna S; Amy W; Catherine M L; Cassie S; Claire B; Claire W; Edwin R; Eloise S; Fiona C; Geoffrey M; Gill G; Jill G; Ian E; Joanne H; Marian J, Mark G; Mary F; Melanie G; Michael S; Michelle W; Steve H; Tim P.

Claire S

Why THe Shed?

What is THe Shed?
THe Shed came out of a convergence of two ideas: the want to find new ways of using our temporary exhibitions space and exploring how Tullie House can develop in the future.   Working with my (now erstwhile) colleague Marian, we put together a plan for a space that would provide the opportunity to test out new ideas and new ways of working.  THe Shed was born.

It wasn’t always called THe Shed.  If you were in the museum earlier in the summer you might have seen the display asking for your votes and suggestions for a new name (thank you so much if you took part).   We decided on THe Shed as we felt it summed up so much of what we wanted the project to be about.  We had this idea that sheds are utilitarian but purposeful.   Somewhere you can try out your latest ideas or germinate seeds, store some of your bits and pieces and maybe somewhere to go to get a bit of peace and have a think.  Oh, and the capitalised TH is for Tullie House.  How does this translate into an exhibitions space?  You’ll be able to find out in a few weeks!
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