Up and running

It’s been an eventful week in THe Shed.

After the slight chaos of Half Term where the volume of people meant lots of people saw and enjoyed the What’s in Store space, it also meant that wolf received way more strokes than it should have (the museums constant battle – preservation versus access) we were in need of the slightly calmer events of this week.  It started last Thursday evening where the space played host to its first evening event, a very well attended opening for the Remembrance 100 project, where over 80 pupils, their parents and teachers from Trinity School came along.  I’ve shared a few of the photos below.

Following on from this there was a lovely piece in the Evening News and Star on Tuesday 11th.

Also this week the vote for the Roman object closed.  The winner will be featured in next summer’s show Carlisle in 10 Objects and we are collating the results as we speak – the name of the winning object will appear here next week.

As the voting ended it was replaced by a brand new photography exhibition ‘I remember when…’ This new show in the Work in Progress space is part of the Raw Talent series.  It’s presenting a series of works by young people responding to a brief by The Image Unit for the Carlisle Photography Festival.  Their challenge was to take a single photograph with their mobile phone that finished the question ‘I remember when…’  The results are remarkable.  The festival may have finished but you can see these works on show until 30 November.


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