Apprentice Update – 30/9/14

Date 30/9/14

Since my last update I’ve been very busy with apprenticeship work and I’ve had two assessments plus my review!  In my last post I mentioned an upcoming ICT exam which I have now sat and fortunately I passed so that’s one exam out the way. My other assessment was a face to face discussion with my Assessor based on the Module ‘Communication in a Business Environment’. I found the assessment very nerve-racking as we were also being recorded at the same time, so it added to the pressure! Fortunately at my review I found out I had done really well.

The Summer Fayre Event has been and gone and work has now started on the Christmas Fun Weekend! The Summer Fayre went really well and everyone who came had a great time so I was really pleased about it. All the staff got dressed up and got really in to the spirit of the Tudor event; even some visitors came in fancy dress too! As the event is over, my focus is now on the Christmas fun weekend which my colleague and I are starting to plan!

As well as this, another colleague and I recently went to the Wedding Fair at the Racecourse and it was amazing! I loved being there and talking with potential Tullie Brides. I was very nervous before the event as I worried I might have got asked a question I didn’t know the answer to, so I revised the wedding brochure over the weekend! The revision helped a lot and I managed to help the brides to be with all of their questions and queries.

I hope the upcoming weeks will be as interesting as the last few!



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