The results are in…

How many of you voted for the Roman object to be included in Tullie’s big summer exhibition ‘Carlisle in 10 Objects’?  The results are in and are shared by Tim, our Curator of Archaeology, below:

Roman Altar Represents Romans in Summer Exhibition
As part of the preparation for next summer’s exhibition which will illustrate the history of the city in 10 objects, one of the first projects in THe Shed was to ask our visitors to decide which object from our large Roman collection sums up the impact of the Romans on Carlisle.
Each object was chosen to illustrate an aspect of life that was introduced by the Romans when they arrived. Six ideas were selected and information about them, along with a picture of the object that would be in the exhibition. These were made into posters and put up on the wall in THe Shed. Voting papers were supplied along with an authentic ballot box. Visitors were asked to vote for their favourite. The voting period was between October 20 and November 10.
A big ‘Thank You’ to all who voted. Here are the results:

Altar to Mars Barrex
As can be seen, writing was seen by nearly a third of the voters as the most important thing the Romans introduced into Carlisle. This means that the altar dedicated to Mars Barrex that was found in English Street, Carlisle in 1861 is the object that will represent what the Romans did for Carlisle next summer.

If you didn’t get to vote on this one, don’t worry, there’ll be another opportunity to have your say in what will be shown in the Carlisle in 10 Objects exhibitions very soon.  Watch this space!


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