Needing inspiration for a sportier New Year you?

Happy New Year!  There has been no slowing down over the festive period and it’s all change again in THe Shed with a sports exhibition taking shape as I type…

Come Tek a Deek is now open. 

Below is the blog from Claire, Come Tek a Deek’s Co-ordinator, who reveals some fascinating facts about our local sports clubs and has infomation about how you can come and meet the people behind the exhibition.  Over to Claire.

Come Tek a Deek evolved out of us wishing to reach into the Sporting Community. We have many different sports clubs and groups in Carlisle who have long histories and their own collections of objects and memorabilia. THe Shed is all about involving the wider community in the museum so we put a call out to sports clubs across the city to get involved in creating an exhibition that celebrates the history of sport in the county. 

We attracted a wide range of interests, from football clubs to a rifle club, each with their own objects and stories to share. Did you know that members of the Border City Wheelers used to cycle as far as Preston, compete in competitions and then cycle back? Or that the Northbank Football club has a member who holds the world record for the longest header? Are you in the picture? Come tek a deek at our local clubs, their stories and history and share your sporting memories too! We have folders around the gallery with photos from the clubs along with pictures on the wall, so take a look and see if you are in the picture!  

As project coordinator I have learnt something new about each of the clubs and the sport they are involved with. I was surprised to learn that to race as a cyclist you needed a licence for example. I had not realised that this is an important part of being able to race legally on the road. Club member Andy told me this was not an issue when the club first started but as the roads became busier with traffic that it became important for the safety of other road users and the cyclists.

Did you know that the museum has an arms licence but for our historic and decommissioned weapons? For this show we had to talk to the police and ensure we were covered legally and that we had any arms displayed securely locked in special cases! 

If you wish to find out more…
Join us here for a Gallery Conversation at 1pm on Tuesday 13 January – meet some of the club members, talk to them about their sport and find out more about the people involved in the exhibition.


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