THe Shed – Last week to see it!

This may be the last week of THe Shed but we’re not winding down yet.


our party spread

This last Monday we held a celebration party to thank everyone who helped make the 16 different projects unique and worthwhile.   I’m still totting up the final numbers, but so far there have been over 200 people who have directly participated with several thousand who have come to see the exhibitions.  Once all the data is in I will blog about this some more.


the aftermath of fun and games in the Border Galleries


All of the people who were involved – and we had a contact for – were invited to come along and help us enjoy some yummy food and get into the party spirit in a special evening opening of the galleries.

We had a lovely comment on Facebook after the party, with Sarah, one of the contributors to Making a Festive Exhibition of Yourself saying

“Just wanted to say thank you very much for having us all this evening. The food was gorgeous and it was so nice being able to show Harry’s Daddy around the museum as well.”

If you have taken part and want to tell us about your experience then I’d love to hear from you #THShed or message us on Facebook or leave your comment below.

There is still time to come and see what you have been missing.  Life, Laws and Legacies with Carlisle’s original Tudor Dormont book is still on show alongside some review panels of some of our past projects alongside our fabulous museum collection objects in What’s in Store.

Make this last chance count!



What is THe Shed?  Click and find out.

What is THe Shed? Click and find out.


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