Object of the Month – April

As we hop into April, we have a new Object of the Month on display in our Rear Atrium, this month’s object from our stores is …

State Management Beer BottleIMGP6227

This bottle of Nut Brown beer was sold in Carlisle during the era of State Management (1916-1971).

Edwin, our Keeper of Social History tells us a little more about the fascinating history behind this month’s Object of the Month.

IMGP6234The Central Control Board (Liquor Traffic) was set up during by the British Government during World War I to regulate alcohol consumption in areas near major munitions factories and naval docks. In 1915 the Board took over ownership of Carlisle’s pubs, hotels and breweries nuder the defence of the Realm Act.

Carlisle had 119 public houses and 4 breweries serving a population of 50,000. There was also a surge in the population of the city due to an influx of labourers building the vast HM Gretna Munitions Factory. Many of these navvies visited the local pubs and there was a rise in drunkeness and anti social behaviour. In 1916 the Carlisle State Management bought up all the existing pubs and breweries. Pubs were closed down or reformed and managed by the State.

‘The Carlisle Experiment’ lasted until 1971 when the state-owned breweries and pubs were sold off. The legacy of the scheme lives on in the New Model Inns designed by Harry Redfern during the 1920s and 1930s; pubs like the Apple Tree and the Cumberland Inn in the city centre and others in the suburbs.

Next year is the 100th Anniversary of the start of State Management in Carlisle – if you have any objects or stories from this fascinated era of our history then please get in touch with the museum via enquiries@tulliehouse.org

You can now vote for the Object of the Month at http://www.tulliehouse.co.uk/galleries-collections/object-month


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