Who was St. George?

st. george Today is St. George’s Day – we have recently displayed this bronze statue of St. George in our new Atrium display, opposite the Reception Desk – why not pay him a visit!

But who is St. George? And why is he the patron saint of England?

St. George was not English Although St. George has been the patron saint of England for hundreds of years, he was not actually English and it is unlikely he ever visited here. His actual place of birth is questioned but is often thought to be the city of Lydda, the Roman name for Lod, now is Isreal. He was born in 270AD

St. George was a Roman Soldier George rose to the status of officer in Roman Army, but he was ordered to his death for failing to convert from his Christian faith.

It is highly unlikely he slayed a dragon Legend tells that St. George slayed a dragon that came from the sea off Beirut, in modern day Lebanon. It is always difficult to prove tales about dragons, and it is thought that this legend may have been born from him killing a crocodile.

Edward III pronounced George as patron saint of England Inspired by tales of George from returning Crusaders King Edward III (1327-1377) proclaimed him as patron saint of England as a good symbol for the founding of the Order of the Garter – England’s highest order of knights.

George is also patron saint of a lot of other countries St. George is also patron saint of the following countries, Georgia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Portugal , Serbia, Catalan Spain and the Romani People, as well as many other cities and being a very important saint in many other countries.

He is also the patron saint of other things As well as a whole host of countries and cities St. George is the patron saint of scouting and skin diseases, including leprosy, syphilis and herpes.

St. George’s Day is celebrated on many different days 23rd of April is often seen as the day of George’s martyrdon, which is why many places celebrate today – but this is not the same everywhere.

Despite the use of St. George in Crusades he is venerated by Muslims too St. George is seen as a protector of Christianity and his image was used to spur on Crusaders against Muslim people during the fourteenth and fifteenth century, but he is actually well known and respected inthe Muslim faith, often being linked to the Quranic figure Al-Khidr.


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