Alongside our permanent galleries Tullie House has two spaces dedicated to temporary exhibitions.

The largest of these is the Art Gallery which is an excellent space for art and history exhibitions

The Art Gallery is currently home to Pages from History: Celebrating 200 Years of the Cumberland News. The exhibition runs until 31 January 2016.

From Waterloo to One Big Weekend explore the events and changes in the county over the past two centuries through front pages, photography and objects from the Tullie House collection.

The exhibition will explore the history of The Cumberland News, from its foundation in 1815 to becoming an award winning publication, at the head of a large regional media group with newspapers, magazines and radio in 2015. Discover how technology has transformed the production of newspapers, and how much is still as it was 200 years ago!

The Cumberland News has reported on some of the biggest local, national and international stories of the past 200 years. The exhibition will feature original copies of the newspaper from some of the biggest events in recent history, including the death of Queen Victoria, the outbreak of the Great War and the devastating floods that hit Carlisle in 2005. Read all about how Cumbria responded to the events that shaped the course of history.

Newsprint and photography from The Cumberland News archive will be displayed alongside objects and fine art from the Tullie House collection for an exciting and engaging exploration of news, industry, rural life, music, fashion and sport in the region since 1815.

Follow Carlisle United through the highs of FA Cup and First Division football, to the lows of relegation. Discover the stories of local heroes who entertained and inspired the people of the region. Through photography and Social History objects gain an insight into the rural and industrial lives of people living and working in the county. Learn how fashions have changed over the past 200 years with rarely seen costume from the Tullie House collection and advertising from The Cumberland News archive.

Pages from History will take you on an engaging and fascinating journey through time, making today’s history from yesterday’s news.


Our smaller temporary exhibition gallery can be found on the top floor of Old Tullie House, and is currently playing host to Uta Kogelsberger’s work ‘Playing the Cave’ until 29 November.

Cumbria Museum Consortium venues: – Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery and Wordsworth Trust, have come together to take part in the Arts Council England funded New Expressions 3 Commissions.

These three venues jointly present new commissioned work by Uta Kögelsberger.

At Tullie House the video Playing the Cave has developed in response to the climatic conditions of the region. Struck by the heavy rains in the Lake District, Kögelsberger set out to develop a video work triggered by sound that employs the rain itself as an active ingredient:  stitched together from individual raindrops recorded in the mouth of a disused mine, Playing the Cave loosely based on the notion of a raindance, evokes ancient rituals, myth and man’s desire, often futile, to gain control over nature.

New Expressions 3 has been made possible by an Arts Council England National pathfinder programme that fosters collaboration between contemporary artists and museums.

Please see www.newexpressions.org for further information on future exhibitions at Abbot Hall Art Gallery and Wordsworth Trust.



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