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THe Shed – All change (again)

As ever there’s another quick turn around happened and another round the corner.  So I would encourage you to come and see the wonderful work presented by the Great Art Quest in its last week and our apprentices’ display in its first.

Our ever-changing Shed

Our ever-changing Shed

I’ll start with Great Art Quest, as it’s been on display for a little over two weeks now and it’s fair to say that there’s been a very warm response from visitors to this project, one visitor stating:

Well done to all the talented children who made the fantastic art work for Art Quest.  Love them all x

This enthused response is reflected by the guest blog post by the project’s lead, Anna.  See if her enthusiasm for the project can tempt you to come along.

The Great Art Quest exhibition in THe Shed is up and running! On the 26th January we had a Celebration Day with all the teachers, pupils and artists involved in the exhibition – the children had the chance to see each other’s work and perform their storytelling pieces in our Lecture Theatre.

Visitors have been so impressed with the quality of the children’s work, and we’ve had some great comments left for us.  Five primary schools took part in the project and created these pieces:

Morland Area C of E Primary School

Morland Area C of E Primary School’s multimedia work

Morland Area C of E Primary School created this amazing sculpture inspired by one of the paintings in our collection, ‘The Rift within the Lute’ by Arthur Hughes. Listen carefully when you visit and you’ll hear the lady’s thoughts!

Newtown Community Primary School

Newtown Community Primary School’s chimney


Newtown Community Primary School made Dixon’s Chimney out of wooden printing blocks, with the words printed on the hanging related to industry and Carlisle’s history.

Alston & Nenthead Primary Schools’ mobile




Alston & Nenthead Primary Schools were inspired by Edward Burne-Jones’ ‘The Battle of Flodden Field’, and made this set of pieces made from paper pulp and metal foil, along with this beautiful mobile.

Kirkby Thore's fabulous textile piece

Kirkby Thore’s fabulous textile landscape

And finally, Kirkby Thore used our collection of landscapes as inspiration for this incredible textile piece showing the view of their local area.


The exhibition will be on display until Sunday 15th February, so if you’ve not had a chance to take a look you still have a few days left!


If you saw yesterday’s Meet the Staff blog then you’ll know that Cassie and her colleagues have been hard at work this week installing their own display in THe Shed.  As part of the Work In Progress area Cassie, Claire and Katie reveal their insights into life as a Tullie House apprentice.

Apprentices hard at work

Tullie’s apprentices hard at work




Meet the Staff – Cassie Smith – Apprentice Curatorial Assistant

IMG_0876Cassie Smith, one of our apprentices, gives us an insight into what she does here at Tullie House. To find out more about the apprentices they currently have a display in THe Shed.

How long have you been working at Tullie House?

I’ve been the Curatorial apprentice at Tullie house since the end of March 2014.

Talk us through your average working day.

On a day-to-day basis I research moments in history – at the moment it is World War One, I do my apprenticeship work, create graphs and input data. I also work in other areas of the organisation for example helping out at events and creating ‘treasures’ on the Treasures of Cumbria website.

What is the best part of your job?

My favourite part of my job is when I get to handle the artefacts. To me, it’s something so special as I never thought I’d get to do something like this.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

As I’m an apprentice, I think the hardest and most challenging part of my job would be balancing my apprenticeship work and my job. It can sometimes get out of hand if you’re given a lot of work to do and you have assignments to write up as well.

Do you have a favourite spot in Tullie House?

My favourite spot is, and always has been ever since I was little, the Wildlife Dome. I love the changing sky and the sounds. I used to sit on the benches for what seemed like ages watching the cycle over and over again.

What is your best Tullie House memory or experience?

I have many memories of Tullie House by my favourite one is a recent one. I’d just started my job here and was asked if I could help out at the Steampunk night. I think that will always be my favourite memory as there was so much going on and I loved being a part of it and helping out.

Outside of Tullie House, what is your favourite thing to do/favourite place in Cumbria?

I think my favourite thing to do outside of Tullie House is cycling or reading graphic novels.

Do you have any advice for people interested in pursuing a career in a museum?

Being able to work and learn at the same time has been very beneficial for me and before this, I had no idea I wanted to work in a museum. Being able to gain a qualification through an apprenticeship I think, is the best way to go as you’re not only gaining skills and a qualification, but you also have a job and are gaining experience as you learn.

Describe Tullie House in five words.

I would describe Tullie House in 5 words as: Unique, fun, friendly, entertaining and interesting.

Apprentice Update – 30/9/14

Date 30/9/14

Since my last update I’ve been very busy with apprenticeship work and I’ve had two assessments plus my review!  In my last post I mentioned an upcoming ICT exam which I have now sat and fortunately I passed so that’s one exam out the way. My other assessment was a face to face discussion with my Assessor based on the Module ‘Communication in a Business Environment’. I found the assessment very nerve-racking as we were also being recorded at the same time, so it added to the pressure! Fortunately at my review I found out I had done really well.

The Summer Fayre Event has been and gone and work has now started on the Christmas Fun Weekend! The Summer Fayre went really well and everyone who came had a great time so I was really pleased about it. All the staff got dressed up and got really in to the spirit of the Tudor event; even some visitors came in fancy dress too! As the event is over, my focus is now on the Christmas fun weekend which my colleague and I are starting to plan!

As well as this, another colleague and I recently went to the Wedding Fair at the Racecourse and it was amazing! I loved being there and talking with potential Tullie Brides. I was very nervous before the event as I worried I might have got asked a question I didn’t know the answer to, so I revised the wedding brochure over the weekend! The revision helped a lot and I managed to help the brides to be with all of their questions and queries.

I hope the upcoming weeks will be as interesting as the last few!


Apprentice Update – 26/08/14

Hi all,

It’s been really busy for me over the past few weeks, seems to have Tudor Fayrebeen non stop! As two members of

staff have been off, I have been taking on some of their roles on top of mine so my organisational skills have been put to the test!

One area of my work I have been very focused on is the Tudor Summer Fayre. Since my last blog entry I have created a new stand in Tullie’s lobby promoting the event to visitors and I’m currently working on the handouts and signage to put up around the museum on the day.

On top of my work at Tullie, over the past few weeks me and Cassie have been attending ICT lessons as part of our apprenticeship and our exam is tomorrow! So I’ve got my fingers crossed that everything goes ok and we both manage to pass it.

Anyway make sure you come to the Summer Fayre on the 24th August, from looking at all the activities I can tell it’s going to be an amazing day!


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