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THe Shed – #Photobomb!

The Roman in question

The Roman in question

There’s a fantastic opportunity to get your photographs on show in THe Shed.  Maybe you just prefer to see what everyone else has been up to…  Guest blogger Catherine tells you about the latest project to go on show and how you can get involved.

The latest instalment in THe Shed is our Roman Photobomb exhibition which was designed and co-curated by our Yak Yak youth panel.

Installation day

Installation day

The group are inviting visitors to take a mini roman to their favourite places in the county and then send us their photos to go on display in the museum.

Kate and Herdy

Mini Roman photobombs Kate and Herdy


Mini Roman taking a dip

Mini Roman with Safron

Mini Roman with Safron













The group also picked every-day objects with some significance to them, and our curator of archaeology found the Roman equivalents in our collection. In the exhibition, these objects sit side by side for visitors to make comparisons between old and new.

The exhibition is running for just one more week, so pick up a mini Roman today, and send us your photos to see your picture on display in Tullie House.

For more information about the Yak Yak youth panel, and how you can get involved, contact Catherine on, or visit our Yak Yak facebook page for more information.


What is THe Shed?  Click and find out.

What is THe Shed? Click and find out.

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