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THe Shed – Entertain us!

What is THe Shed?  Click and find out.

What is THe Shed? Click and find out.

A few posts ago I mentioned that we’re putting together the plans for THe Shed end of show party.  We could do things the conventional way and ask an entertainer to come in do their stuff, but we do things THe Shed way so we’re handing over the entertaining to you!

What is your talent?

What’s your talent?

Do you (or someone you know) have a talent that you’d like to showcase at THe Shed party?  Perhaps you’d like to show a piece of your art work, perform with your a cappella group or play some original acoustic music.

Maybe you’re an actor and can perform a dramatic monologue or poetry, or are part of a dance troop.   Or something much

more interesting I haven’t thought of.  Whatever it is you can do – we want to help you to celebrate it.

Are you part of a dance group?

Are you part of a dance group?

Maybe you rap

Maybe you rap

So if you’d like to get involved this is what you need to do:  Make a video or take a picture and tweet it using #THShed.  If we, or @tulliehouse followers, really like what you’re doing you can come and take part.  If your talent relates to Carlisle and/or Tullie House then all the better.


There are a few things to note:

I’ll tweet from @tulliehouse on Thursday 12 March to ask if you’d like to come along and perform on the party night on Monday 23 March.

There isn’t a lot of space and we can’t make lots of noise so bear this in mind.  We can make room for up to 7 people in a group and please assume there will be no access to electricity or a PA system.

Don’t be shy, entertain us!

If you don’t want to get involved in this way then you can follow the videos on @tulliehouse or come and see our brand new exhibition Roman Photobomb in THe Shed.

Bye for now.  Claire.



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